Covid Plans

During the 2020/21 session, EYM classes were delivered using a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live online Zoom classes.  We are currently planning to return to St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School in September 2021, but if this proves to be impossible we will continue to offer classes in these ways until we are able to return to St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School.

The above video contains short extracts from a couple of our pre-recorded video classes.

“Lockdown has been made all the more bearable by Helen’s joyous Zoom classes!”

“James has really enjoyed his one-to-one recorder online, a little apprehensive at first, he soon settled”

“The online classes have been great, the girls really enjoy them! Helps us get through another lockdown weekend!”

We hope also that children and parents/guardians will find ways of enjoying music within their families. Group music-making is a wonderful thing, particularly in difficult times. This is a time to focus on what music is really meant for – to make us feel better.