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During the Summer Term 2020 and the summer holiday period, EYM ran a variety of trial classes using a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live online classes.  Instrumental pupils were offered one-to-one online lessons.  When the Autumn Term 2020 starts, and maybe for the entire term, we will continue to offer classes delivered in these ways, until we are able to return to St. Thomas of Aquin's High School.

We hope also that children and parents will find ways of enjoying music within their families.  Group music-making is a wonderful thing, particularly in difficult times.  This is a time to focus on what music is really for - to make us feel better.

Some families may be interested in various online musical activities being organised by The Benedetti Foundation.  Sessions being offered during July & August are aimed at string players & are designed to complement individual lessons, but not to replace individual lessons.  https://www.benedettifoundation.org/mini-sessions

A few families have emailed to let us know what they've been doing during lockdown.  

Jennifer says "Thanks for the crossword.  Bertie did it almost by himself (he needed a bit of help with spelling) and it's the first time he has been able to do something like that so he was very pleased.  Florence and I played Ode to Joy at our doorstep yesterday, and two neighbours heard us and clapped!" 

Louise says "While I have always known that music is fantastic, I have to say at the moment it's an absolute Godsend!  The house is full of music, the boys are far from bored, Matthew is writing a symphony (!), Callum is recording jazz (!!) and I'm getting a free concert every evening.  Brilliant!"

Jenny says "We are doing all sorts of music at home - violin duets, recorder duets, violin & recorder duets, vocal & instrumental stuff with Lance on piano, recording Lance's new compositions for church, etc, and I'm doing more piano practice than I have done in years!"

We'd love to hear from other families.