Bursary Fund

In July 2020 EYM was able to set up a Bursary Fund, thanks to a generous donation from the Nancie Massey Charitable Trust.  The aim of the Fund is to try to ensure that no child is unable to attend EYM classes for purely financial reasons.   Recipients of bursaries will be expected to attend classes regularly and show commitment, but the bursaries will be awarded purely on the basis of financial need, not level of attainment, and may be awarded to children of any age.  Bursaries may cover a percentage of the fees or the full fees, depending on need.

Once a bursary has been awarded, the child’s EYM teacher will be asked to report regularly to the Director detailing the child’s attendance record, attitude & progress.  Continued bursary funding will be dependent on this being satisfactory.  A brief report will be required from the parent/guardian &/or child at the end of each year, detailing how they feel they have benefitted from the classes, the contents of which may be passed on anonymously to the Nancie Massey Charitable Trust.  Parents/guardians will be expected to inform the Director if their financial circumstances change.

Letters of application for bursary funding should outline the family’s financial situation and reasons for requesting funding as well as detailing which class(es) the child(ren) would like to attend.  Applications should be sent to Jean Murray (contact details below) and will be considered by the EYM Trustees in confidence.