Chamber Music

“I am very sad to be leaving EYM as I have spent 11 happy years making music every Saturday morning”

Chamber music groups take children playing any instrument – string, woodwind, brass, guitar, harp etc. – whether they have learned it at EYM or elsewhere.  In a chamber music group, each child will play their own individual part, and should therefore have developed a level of security in their playing, particularly rhythmic security, which will enable them to play their part with confidence.  Children of similar ages and stages are put into groups of between 3 and 6 players of varying instruments. A child’s instrumental teacher should be able to advise when an individual child is ready to participate in chamber music.

Chamber music groups are open to children in P5 and above; there is no upper age limit, although currently the oldest pupils are 18. The cost is £8.95 per week during the 2021/22 session. There may be places available for new members with suitable experience.

Classes are coached by Sarah Kegerreis.