Musical Foundations

“Thank you for giving them a fantastic foundation for their musical life & an enjoyment of music that will stay with them all their lives”

Musical Foundations classes consolidate and build on skills learned in Musical Workshop classes, and develop children’s general understanding of music, both aural and theoretical, including reading and writing music, musical memory, aural perception and inner hearing, and include both practical and written activities. There is a first year class and a second year class, with up to 15 children in each class. They are suitable for children already learning an instrument or singing in a choir, at EYM or elsewhere, as well as those who may want to do so in the future.  The cost is £8.20 per week during the 2024/25 session, reduced to £5.20 per week for those also attending an EYM instrumental class or choir.

These classes are suitable for children in Primary 3 and Primary 4 (sometimes Primary 5) who have completed EYM’s Musical Workshop year, and are taught by Helen Robbie with help from student assistants. There may be places available for children who have covered similar ground elsewhere.