Pre-School and P1 Musical Play

“This is her very favourite activity of the week”

Musical Play classes provide a general introduction to music aiming to develop children’s sense of rhythm, sense of pitch, listening skills, co-ordination and imagination; this is done through movement to music, singing, the use of simple percussion instruments, discussion and listening to live as well as recorded music. There are separate classes for the two age groups, with up to fourteen children in each pre-school group and up to twenty in each P1 group. A parent/guardian is expected to attend the pre-school classes with each child for the first few weeks of the Autumn term.

These classes are suitable for children in their final pre-school year and Primary 1 and cost £7.70 per week (pre-school) & £7.80 per week (P1) during the 2024/25 session.

Classes are taught by Mairi Cross (pre-school)  & Laura Cross (P1) with help from student assistants.