P2 Musical Workshop

“He has been loving the P2 class this year & we have really enjoyed his enthusiasm”

Musical Workshop classes have similar aims and methods to musical play classes, but at a more mature level. The musical workshop classes also introduce children to the basic elements of reading music, and give them a chance to hear many different instruments played live, thereby facilitating their choice of which instrument, if any, they would like to learn themselves. There are up to twenty children in each group. Musical Workshop is a year’s course designed to prepare a child for learning an instrument or singing in a choir.

Completion of this one-year course, or the beginners’ Musical Foundations course, is a pre-requisite for joining Edinburgh Young Musicians beginner classes in recorder, violin, viola, cello or choir.

These classes are for children in Primary 2 and cost £7.25 per week during the 2021/22 session. As these classes form a one-year course, new members will not be admitted now until September 2022.  Children currently in P2 can be added to the waiting list to join the beginners’ Musical Foundations classes starting in September 2022.

Classes are taught by Alex Goskirk.